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7th-Jun-2009 08:06 pm - The Journey from Oidhche Shamhna
By: First Year

Length: 47 Chapters/ 193,000

Status: Complete

Rating: Mild M

Characters: Salazar,Helga,Rowena,Godric...and several original characters

Summary: A great change is coming to the world. Witches are sought and wizards live in danger. Four ensure their world will not be lost. The story of the founders. Adventure, angst, action, romance, and humor. I hope you read and enjoy.

Link: http://fanfiction.net/s/4610832/1/The _Journey_form_Oidhche_Shamhna
13th-Apr-2009 11:21 am - Fic: Thieves
RS Small Gifts
Title: Thieves
Pairings: Helga/Godric, Helga/Salazar, Helga/Rowena
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,763
Summary: She is a servant to no one but her own heart, it seems, for it mires itself wherever there is the mildest possibility of affection.
Author's Notes: Written for the Chain Reaction SuperChallenge. I'm not really sure how I feel about this one. This is the fic in which everyone's in love with Helga Hufflepuff, namely because she's amazing. The pairings happen in the order in which they're listed above (which made it hard for me, because I had to tear apart my OTP *tear*).

( Thieves )

So yes, just be warned, this doesn't end in Helga/Salazar, but a fair portion of it revolves around them together. :(
1st-Mar-2009 02:07 am - 1 ficlet & 1 drabble
Title: Weight of One Moment
Disclaimer: Alas I do not own Harry Potter.
Pairing: Salazar/Helga
Summary: There had to be a singular precise moment, a choice made that turned all they'd worked for on its ear and tore them apart.
Rating: G
Warning: Mentions character death
Link: {It wasn't supposed to be like this.}

Title: Sunlit Thoughts
Disclaimer: Alas I do not own Harry Potter.
Pairing: Salazar/Helga
Genre: Romance
Summary: Salazar can't help but admit a weakness for sunlit smiles.
Rating: G
Link: {Sunlit Thoughts}

Ruby Slippers

Title: Tell me of mermaids and dragons and all exciting things

Author: vegetasbubble

Rating: PG

Prompt: #1. Lake

Claim: Helga/Salazar @ 10settings

Warnings: None.

Summary: Helga meets someone at the lake.

Notes: Written for 10settings but also dedicated to peskywhistpaw.



Tell me of mermaids and dragons and all exciting things )
Ruby Slippers

Secret Meetings Behind the WIllow Tree

A Helga/Salazar Fanmix

For peskywhistpaw

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Helga and Salazar

banner by xx_fixated_xx

This fanmix contains 20 songs.


Meetings Behind the Willow TreeCollapse )
28th-Dec-2008 06:06 pm - Fic: Dog Rose [PG]
RS Small Gifts
Title: Dog Rose
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~1,100
Summary: Winter’s end brings daffodils to the forest floor, not in a blanket or a cloud, but in wisps and hints of color and of spring. It ends how it begins.
Author’s Notes: For vegetasbubble at hp_wishes, who requested Helga/Salazar and "something to do with daffodils." I found a really, really, really old book on the Language of Flowers, and had fun; all flower meanings are in reference to that book, even though a couple of the websites I cross-checked disagreed. Dog rose means pleasure and pain, which I thought appropriate.

Dog Rose
28th-Dec-2008 05:39 pm - Masterlist
RS Small Gifts
Found a new link? Tell me, and I'll add it.

ETA September 15, 2011: A lot of the links recently added are to fics on Tumblr, which are almost all without titles or summaries. If you have written one of these fics and would like to provide a title/summary, please comment below.

The MasterlistCollapse )

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